About Wear Blue 2/22


Erik Janke is a 9 year old boy from Sandy, Utah who decided to spread the word about Anti Bullying.  He sent an email to his friends, family and most importantly his school principal.  “Everyone wear a blue shirt to protest against bullying.  This is not just a chain email…we are trying to make a difference.”  He was able to get the backing from his peers, all 730 of them, on February 22, 2012 in the first ever protest against bullying.  Students and staff wore any shade of blue in support of this wonderful cause.  The teachers were also able to speak to their individual classes about bullying leading up to that day.  KUTV 2 News came out to Erik’s school and did a news story about him and his campaign.  He decided to Pay It Forward by making sure that at least 5 schools would jump on board for next years protest.

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Team Wear Blue on 2/22

Great News!


Erik reached his goal of getting 5 schools to participate in 2013!  We are thrilled to announce the participation of the following schools:

Altara Elementary School, Sandy, Utah

Schaumburg Park District Preschool, Schaumburg, IL

Crescent Elementary School, Sandy, Utah

Willow Springs Elementary School, Draper, Utah

Little Valley Elementary School, St George, Utah.

We have more posters, books and pledge letters available if you know of a school that would like to participate.

Team Wear Blue on 2/22

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